Energy Assessment



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As part of the assessment, we will evaluate four main areas and related aspects of data management and use: 

  • Energy data and IT systems, 8 aspects analyzed: Measurements installation, Monitoring frequency, Remoting, Energy information system, Maintenance, Data collection, Systems integration
  • Monitoring and analysis, 5 aspects analyzed: Energy analysis, Energy monitoring, Energy performance indicators, Baseline updating, Benchmark - strategic analysis of efficiency among different assets SGE, 6 aspects analyzed: ISO 50001, Selection of efficiency measures, Energy and efficiency management, Verification of savings, Monitoring of energy management system effectiveness
  • Awareness and communication, 4 aspects analyzed: Awareness and training of decision-making and operational levels with respect to energy management, Communication of energy goals, Collection of bottom-up suggestions for energy management

In the kick-off phase, a scope of analysis will be defined: energy carriers, consumption, production, a subset defined by energy use or site/sector. 

Each area of interest will be assessed relative to the perimeter based on a variable number of aspects, and evaluated by comparing the AS-IS with the market benchmark, according to 6 levels of maturity scaled by the type of organization analyzed.


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