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Wi-care 100

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Wi-care 100 Expertkit Package:

Wi-care 110 (or 130)

"Plug & Play" installation, powerful vibration analysis, and battery life enable Vib-care to operate without the cost and inconvenience of cable management. Gateway-configurable sensors, control over monitoring parameters such as measurement timing: this makes Vib-care one of the easiest to configure but among the most powerful monitoring systems on the market. Designed and deployed by I-care ™ (the largest condition monitoring company in Europe), Vib care accurately measures and analyzes vibration and temperature information even in the most inaccessible locations and extreme conditions. Vib-care's wireless technology is compatible with industry standards and offers the most effective and efficient solution for moving from manual to automated collection; without compromising quality.

Wi-care 930 (range extender)

Under normal conditions, a Wi-care™ sensor has a range of 100 meters (300 feet) that can be extended exponentially with our range extenders; for example, 2 extenders can reach distances of up to 1,000 meters. Our extension solutions will overcome the challenges of distance and obstacles at most industrial sites-there are no limits for Wi-care™ sensors!


In line with Wi-care ™, I-care ™ is proud to introduce its new technical innovation I-see ™, the web-based platform that integrates multiple predictive technologies and offers comprehensive and accurate diagnosis of mechanical assets. The cloud-based I-see ™ system provides easy access to all data collected by Wi-care ™ sensors, includes dashboards for management, detailed data for analysts, and programs for planners. The system is GDPR compliant, secure, and a very powerful tool for making maintenance decisions based on condition analysis.


Wi-care 130 version available!

Reduce the number of sensors per machine by using our Wi-care 130 triaxial wireless vibration sensor; thus reducing monitoring costs per machine. With Wi-care 130, we can choose to synchronize measurements based on either direction or 3 simultaneously.

... and Wi-care 160!

Wi-care 160 is the only instrument on the market that allows wireless speed measurement. It is exclusive to I-care ™. Wi-care 160 was developed to improve the quality and accuracy of spectral analysis.







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