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Des-Case VentGuard ™ vents have check valve technology that isolates the system and "breathes" only when needed, making them an ideal solution for protecting low-flow applications with intermittent operations. The check valves provide a light pressurization of the system that allows controlled breathing without excessive pressure buildup. The system only breathes when pressed to do so, so the air is cleaned and dried before being introduced into the system, ensuring a clean, dry headspace. This control mechanism also prevents premature saturation of the silica gel and extends the life of the breather, a problem not as easily addressed with standard desiccant respirators exposed to extreme humidity.


- Reducers

- Low flow

- High humidity


- Removes moisture in the headspace of the equipment

- Eliminates condensation formation by preventing rusting

- Prevents sludge and oil deposits contaminated with water

- Prevents the entry of contamination

- Provides longer lubricant life

- Reduces equipment wear and tear, extends life


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