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Des-Case Extended Series® desiccant vents combine the reliable materials and design of our Standard vents with the check valves of our VentGuard ™ and HydroGuard® vents, plus a new oil mist reduction feature, higher air flows and more than twice the desiccant! These long-lasting, high airflow desiccant vents are ideal for tanks and extended or remote applications.


Removes moisture in the equipment headspace

Eliminates condensation formation by preventing rusting

Prevents sludge and oil deposits contaminated with water

Prevents the entry of contamination

Provides longer lubricant life

Reduces equipment wear and tear, extends life



Storage tanks

Wind turbines

Large gearboxes

Remote applications

Materials and components:

Filter material: polyurethane, polyester

Hydrophilic agent: silica gel

All other materials: polycarbonate, nylon,

polypropylene, PVC, Buna-N, silicon, EPDM

Filter efficiency:

(Absolute 3μ (ß3≥200)

Recommended temperature range:

-20˚F to 200˚F

-29˚C to 93˚C

Chemical compatibility:


All gear oil

Most hydraulic fluid

Mineral and synthetic oil

Not recommended:

Hydrogen sulfide

Sulfuric acid

Highly alkaline cleaners


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